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Ok So Why iPC?

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because...

Best pest control companies in Bahrain

Highly Experienced

All our professionals are background checked and verified to ensure your complete safety.We are one among the most experienced pest control companies in Bahrain. iPC is equipped with all latest equipments, pest control products and a well experienced pest control team to meet your pest control needs.

Proven Track Record

CONTROL have a proven track record of successfully implementing pest control measures in all its client locations.

iPC caters to all major commercial, industrial and residential clients.

Pest control treatment in Bahrain

Innovative & Effective Pest Control

iPC uses all innovative products and world class equipments and processes to come up with best results always. iPC is a part of large business group covering almost all sectors in Kingdom of Bahrain. We have infrastructure and expertise to address any pest control requirement.

Professional pest control in Bahrain

Total Solution Provider

iPC have an extensive array of services that can met all your pest control needs. Be it a residential apartment or a multi million hotel complex. We have the right solution for you.

Pest Control At iPC?

We do Our Best to Provide you the best of Our services

Termite Control service in Bahrain

Residential Pest Control

We provide effective and complete pest control and extermination solutions to a variety of common residential pest related issues, for both indoor and outdoor. i Pest Control Services is the professional pest control service provider to housing, villas, and apartments in Bahrain.

We understand the problems faced by most property managers, and supply our certified and experienced staff to clear up your pest issues with pesticides approved by authorities, being sure to provide a gentle, safe and healthy approach for your family and your living environment.

Includes :

  • Apartments
  • Villas

Commercial Pest Control

We provide professional pest control services for different type of businesses from Food Processing and services, Retails, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Industrial & Construction, Yachts and Boats, Warehouse.

We strongly understand that each business has its own unique needs pertaining to both the company and the specific requirements that are looking to be met. This knowledge allows us to cater to your individual needs in order to provide you with the best outcome for your pest control solution.

Includes :

  • Ships
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Livestocks
  • Malls
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels & Resorts

Our Services

  • General Pest Control

    • Crawling insects control in Bahrain

      Crawling Insects Control(Cockroaches, Ants, Bees, Tick, Mites, etc.)

    • Fly insects control in Bahrain

      Flying Insects Control(Flies, Bedbugs, Mosquitoes, etc.)

    • Rodent control treatment in Bahrain

      Rodent Control(Rats and Mice.)

    • Termite interception system in Bahrain

      Termite Control

    • Snake and scorpion control in Bahrain

      Snake & Scorpion Control

  • Anti-Termite Treatment

    Termite Control Pre-contruction/ Post Construction

    Complaints of termite infestation in existing buildings and residential compounds are increasing day by day and enquiries for remedial measures and services are common now days.

    These reveal that unless preventive measures are taken while constructing the buildings, the termites are going to be a major threat, which ultimately leads to huge maintenance cost. Under this scenario, we feel it is our responsibility to make aware of termite’s activities and its effects. The most effective way of protecting building from termite attack is to establish a chemical barrier in and around the soil surface of the building prior to the casting of footings and ground slabs etc.

    Termite Interception and baiting system will eliminate the termite colony; the real source of infestation spreads in and around human livings. Models of in ground and above ground stations are available for placement at different locations. iPC use the world’s most innovative termite interceptor and baiting systems Exterra of Ensystex Australasia.

  • Specialized Services

    • Fumigation control service in Bahrain


    • Birds control services in Bahrain

      Bird Control

    • Feral cat control in Bahrain

      Feral Cat Control

    • Bed bugs control in Bahrain

      Bed Bugs Control

    • Vector Control

    • More About Service

Know Your Pest Control

iPC Advantages

On Time Extermination

Our professionally trained and certified technicians provide general pest control, property inspections, outdoor pest control, new construction pretreatment and fumigation.

Our Service Warranty

Depending on the situation, iPC offers a Service Warranty. If you experience problems with any pest covered under our Service Warranty, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Full Service Pest Removal

We try to make our business a ‘one stop shop’ for anything to do with the business of pest eradication and prevention. Our services are handled in-house with no subcontracting, which ensures that all our work is completed to our high standards of Health and Safety, quality and environmental compliance.

Competitive Price

Our policies and guarantees are our commitment to provide you the best services.Our goal is to provide the highest quality pest management services at reasonable prices, and meet your expectations.

Trained & Certified Service Team

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