i Pest Control Training

i Pest control has its own training school for its pest management operatives, supervisors and managers allowing the company to take on even the toughest cleaning challenges through in depth training courses. Pest control is a vast subject and those working as pest management professionals need an increasing array of knowledge to continue to be effective. From pest biology to environmental awareness, from insecticide and rodenticide product knowledge to resistance management techniques and a comprehensive understanding of all the legal obligations - it's all essential for safe, effective pest management.

i Pest Control brings international pest control experts to train its employees every year to bring the latest technologies and know-how.

A trained employee is a safe employee equipped with all the technical knowledge to fulfill his/her operational activity.

  • Safe Methods of Work
  • Structural Pest Control
  • Termites and Wood Destroying Insects
  • Structural Fumigation or Bag and Bulk Fumigation
  • Use of Chemicals
  • Use of Equipment and Machinery
  • Strict Testing of each technical area of the program

Before any staff member is moved to site, they are fully evaluated for technical effectiveness. They are then issued with Job Descriptions, Goals and Objectives and inducted safely to their Site working environment.

"i Pest Control is Baharain's leading Pest Management Company"

iPC Training Sessions

“Our pest control training solutions are tailored to allow to become proficient with the latest methods in pest control and pest management, providing our staff with detailed manuals and practical training. i Pest Control trains its staff the latest Integrated Pest Management techniques as well as the effective use of pesticides which cause as little damage to the environment as possible”